Batch Convert Module

Batch Convert dialog is used to recognize many audio files at one. To open Batch Convert dialog, use "File->Batch Convert..." main menu item.



Files box contains a list of files to proceed. Add... buttons adds more files the list, Remove button removes selected files from the list.

Clear button clears the list.


Output Directory indicates where to place transcribed files.

Save MIDI files checkbox forces WIDI to save recognition result as MIDI files.

Save TrueTone Editor files makes WIDI to save TrueTone Editor files for further examination.


Convert button starts the recognition as soon as input audio files and output folder are selected.

Help button invokes current help page.

Cancel quits Batch Processing dialog without processing any files.


Note: Batch convert uses the same recognition settings for all audio files. It is recommended to group files with similar instruments and genre for batch conversion.

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