Analyzing MIDI or Audio Tonality

WIDI is capable of analyzing tonality of any particular MIDI piece. Tonality analysis can be taken both for recognized Audio files as well as for arbitrary MIDI files. WIDI can suggest several most probable tonalities for the piece, allowing you to write one to the MIDI file.


WIDI analyzes tonality of the piece as a whole. To analyze tonality of a composition part, select just this part for recognition if it is Audio or remove (temporary) all other notes if it is MIDI.


To perform Tonality Analysis for Audio, recognize it with Determine key automatically recognition setting and Auto open Composition analysis option turned on.


To perform Tonality Analysis for MIDI, open it in MIDI Window or TrueTone Editor, invoke Composition Analysis dialog and press Analyze button.


Note: Pressing Analyze button uses only currently existing notes for Tonality Analysis. If the piece was edited heavily, or especially if the nontrivial Scale Mask was used during recognition, the result may be very biased.

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