Activation Dialog

Activation dialog is used to activate your copy of WIDI. This dialog appears automatically after entering correct registration code into Registration dialog .



Information entered in Registration dialog is automatically copied to the User Name and Registration Code fields. Enter your email address in the Email field. If Send me update information via email checkbox is set, you will occasionally (no more than a few times per year) receive email notifications about WIDI updates.



This section allows to choose activation method. Online activates WIDI directly, but it requires WIDI to access Internet, your firewall should be configured not to block it. In Browser opens activation page on the WIDISOFT website. Via Email generates text you need to sent by email to get activation code.


It is recommended to use Online activation whenever possible, and use In Browser in other cases. Only use Via Email as a last resort if nothing else succeeds. Please note that it may take up to a few days to complete email activation.


Enter Activation Code allows you to enter activation code received by email or copied from your browser.

Stop button cancels online activation.

Message about successful activation or the failure reason is displayed at the bottom of "Activate" section.


See also Entering Registration Code.


Some information is sent to WIDISOFT server during activation, see Privacy Policy for details.

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