About WIDI Project

The main objective of WIDI is music recognition.


A piece of music can be represented in two forms: waveform or musical notation. Waveform is simply a record of the relation of sound pressure to time. For example, it could be Wave and MP3 files, CD Audio disk, tape recording and so on. In this form, the record being played exactly duplicates the recorded sound. However, in this case many instruments and sounds, which resound simultaneously, get overlaid. This makes substantial editing of the record, like changing the notes, rearrangement and so on, virtually impossible. A musical notation, like sheet music and MIDI files, is basically a list of commands which note is to be played by what instrument. This kind of a record can easily be edited and takes less storage space than a Wave file. However, not every sound can be transmitted as MIDI data. For example, human speech cannot be transcribed into the note form.


The process of restoring musical notation from waveform is known as music recognition or music transcription. Until last years this task can be solved only by human musician, who listens to the recording and guesses what notes are played. Exact transcription of rhythm nuances and accents was impossible. Nowadays special software can simplify the process.


Actually, the task of sound recognition and music recognition in particular is a serious mathematical task, which doesn't have a universal solution to it yet. Nevertheless, WIDI Recognition System contains advanced algorithms, allowing you to recognize polyphonic pieces with a sufficient degree of accuracy. Furthermore a significant number of tuning settings gives you a possibility of enabling the program to recognize different musical styles.


Opposite to the majority of analogous systems, WIDI is a complete solution for music transcribing and further editing. An unique piano-roll TrueTone(tm) Editor is (Professional version only) is able to perform a visual comparison of the spectrogram of original musical record and the notes obtained after recognition, and effectively correct any recognition mistakes.


WIDI can use sources such as uncompressed Wave files, as well as MP3 files, CD Audio and even the sound coming directly from a microphone or audio input (real-time recognition).

WIDI will help you to

receive a musical notation of an audio recording to perform it with a musical instrument;
control a synthesizer with an "analog" music instrument in real-time;
create a completely new arrangement from an existing composition;
create a custom ringtone for loading into your cell phone.


(You may need some other third party software for score editing or uploading to cellular phone)

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